Organic Cloves

Welcome to Joint Agri Products Ceylon's World of Flavors!

Joint Agri Products Ceylon is pleased to offer you the finest Sri Lankan organic and vegan-friendly cloves, which have been certified by the USDA, EU, Bio Suisse, Jas Organic, Demeter, Naturland, Flo-Fairtrade, and Kosher. We take great delight in offering you only the finest spices for your meals.

Sri Lankan/Vegan/Organic Cloves:

  • Handpicked Organic Fairtrade Cloves: We carefully handpick each clove to guarantee the highest quality possible. Each clove embodies the spirit of our commitment.
  • Grade 1 Organic Fairtrade Cloves: Our Grade 1 cloves are the pinnacle of flavor and scent for people who demand the best.
  • FAQ Organic Fairtrade Cloves: Full Bud Cloves, Headless Cloves, and certain Stems are all included in the Cloves FAQ.
  • Clove TBC/CS: We have everything you need, TBC (Tea Bag Cut) for adaptability, or C/S (Cuts and Sifts) for tradition.

Beyond their delightful taste, cloves offer numerous health benefits:

  • Happy Digestion: Cloves can soothe tummy troubles and promote healthy digestion.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Power: These little wonders may help ease pain and discomfort.
  • Smile Bright: Cloves are known for freshening breath and relieving toothaches.
  • Fight the Bad Stuff: Loaded with antioxidants, cloves help your body battle harmful free radicals.
  • Breathe Easy: The warm aroma of cloves can provide relief from congestion.

Cooking with Sri Lankan Cloves:

  • Spice It Up: Use cloves in curry powder and garam masala, two spice combinations.
  • Warm Sips: Use cloves to improve spiced cider, chai tea, or mulled wine.
  • Sweet Treats: For a delicious twist, use cloves into fruit pies, pastries, and compotes.
  • Savory Delights: Bring out the rich clove flavor in pickles, stews, and marinades for meat.

At Joint Agri Products Ceylon, we're delighted to share the goodness of Sri Lankan organic cloves with you. With our commitment to quality, certifications, and health benefits, we ensure that every clove enhances your culinary adventures. Enjoy the pure and organic flavors of our cloves.